• Moffat n. Co: “The Doctor’s like 1000 times darker! He’s like ~evil~ now!”
  • Fandom: “OH NO! But WHAT WILL WE DO NOW?! I don’t know if I’m gonna like this new Doctor, what if he’s …mean?!”
  • Me: ”lol look at all the melodrama.”
  • Moffat n. Co: “The Eleventh Doctor had a big crush on Clara but now he barley even notices her!”
  • Fandom: “OH NO! The Doctor thinks Clara’s trash! He doesn’t love her anymore!”
  • Me: “Try harder to make me believe you, plz.”
  • Moffat n. Co: “The Doctor realized how much he wasn’t human no matter how much he wanted to connect to humans because of his time on Trenzalore and how he outlasted so many.”
  • Fandom: “But…but what will this mean?! Is he truly so distant?!”
  • Me: “The deceptive half-truths write themselves.”

I’m pretty much convinced that if you cosplay Captain Jack Sparrow you’re going to come out looking exactly like him no matter who you are or how much you don’t look like him normally

like I’ve never seen someone fail at Jack Sparrow cosplay it’s practically fail proof